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Do’s and Don’ts of Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

There’s no denying the positive aspects of natural stone floors in the home. Ranging from elegant to rustic and natural, natural stone floors don’t typically pose many problems in the aesthetics department. When it comes to keeping them squeaky clean, however, there are some do’s and don’ts that apply specifically to natural stone floors you should be aware of. Mind Your [...]

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Mould vs Mildew: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between mould and mildew? The short answer is that they’re basically the same. They’re both potentially hazardous for your health, they’re both types of fungal spores that grow in moist environments and on walls, furniture, etc. The longer answer is that there are noticeable differences between mould and mildew. This matters most when it comes to taking action [...]

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5 Great Odour Killing Tips for Carpets

A foul odour coming from your carpet is sure to turn away guests and to make your home an unwelcoming place instead of a comfortable refuge from the daily grind. If you can’t recall a stain or a spill from six months ago, don’t worry, your carpet will remind you with an unpleasant smell. How can one remove bad odours from [...]

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5 Signs Your Carpet Needs to be Replaced

Plenty of routine vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning can keep most carpets in top shape for many years, but there are times when all the cleaning just won’t do. Here are five signs that your carpet will need to be replaced: Foul Odours If you’ve got pets that have eliminated on the carpet or have experienced spills that haven’t been cleaned [...]

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3 Tips to Dry Out Water-Damaged Carpets

Water-damaged carpet can be a real hassle to deal with. It’s also necessary since mould and bacterial growth can set in and cause respiratory health problems if allowed to set in. What can be done about it? Naturally, remediation work should begin as soon as possible after you’ve discovered the water damage. Here are three tips to dry out water-damaged carpets: [...]

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Dehumidifiers vs. Air Conditioners: What’s the Difference?

Keeping the air in your home dry and free from moisture is important for promoting good quality air for breathing, but it’s also important for keeping mould and mildew away. Dehumidifiers and air conditioners both alter the air around them to provide comfort when we need them, but what’s the difference and how can they affect the air in your home? [...]

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How Long Does Mould Take to Grow in Carpets?

The question of how long it takes mould to grow in carpets is highly subjective. Consider this: how much sand does one need to have before it can be called a beach? Similarly, how many mould spores can accumulate in wet carpets until carpet remediation specialists can identify a mould growth with certainty? Not Just A Numbers Game The most commonly [...]

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Guide to Choosing the Right Vanity Unit for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often considered one of the most important rooms in your home. This is because it is a place where you can relax, enjoy some time out, have a refreshing shower, or indulge in a calming and luxurious bubble bath. Naturally, when it comes to your bathroom, you want it to look clean, attractive, and uncluttered, as a messy, [...]

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Dangers of Wet and Damaged Carpets to Avoid

Discovering that your carpet is wet is an unsettling experience, but it’s far more than a simple inconvenience. Wet and water damaged carpets can wreak havoc on your health and your property, so it should be avoided at all costs. If you ever find wet, damaged carpet, don’t delay and contact a professional carpet cleaning expert such as Floodcare. Our friendly [...]

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5 Tips for Routine Tile & Carpet Cleaning

Keeping the floors of your home or business clean can be a big chore. A simple dustpan and brush is insufficient to provide a proper clean, and even worse, often results in even more dust being kicked around the room. It’s important, therefore, to have your carpets and your tile and grout floors cleaned thoroughly and regularly to avoid problems in [...]

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