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Quick Guide to Carpet Components

In the exciting world of carpet manufacturing, most of us probably don’t really give it a second thought - until we need to have our carpet repaired or replaced. Let’s face it, carpet manufacturing is on par with school visits to the box factory, but it’s nevertheless important to know what a household or office carpet consists of to ensure that our [...]

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Top 5 Tips to Avoid Carpet Flooding

The biggest danger with water exposure to carpets is, by far, black mould. Mould is particularly harmful to the respiratory system and can be notoriously difficult to remove, so failure to deal with soaked carpets quickly can lead to rapid accumulation and growth of black mould deep inside of the carpet’s piling.  All it takes for mould to grow is a [...]

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What Takes Pet Urine Smell Out of My Carpet?

With all of the joys of owning a little four-legged friend come great responsibilities, as well. Dogs, for instance, need to be brushed frequently (depending on breed) to keep their coats of fur lush and infection-free, plenty of human interaction and mental stimulation to stave off biting, chewing, and other naughty habits, and potty training so they don’t accidentally eliminate on [...]

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Carpet Replacement: DIY or Call a Professional?

Is carpet replacement a straightforward job you can do yourself? Or is it better to call a professional? Consider the following before deciding to replace your carpet yourself or to call in a water damage specialist: How Much Carpet Needs Replacement? The first consideration should always be the scope of the replacement project. If just a small square of carpet (say, [...]

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Leather Furniture DOs and DONT’S

Few upholstery choices match the classic cool and unparalleled comfort of real leather. As any owner of leather goods knows, however, proper care and maintenance is the key to keeping it fresh, supple, and durable. Like a leather handbag or jacket, leather sofas and armchairs require leather cleaning and conditioning products from time to time lest they become dry, cracked, and [...]

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5 Carpet Cleaning Products to Avoid Using

There are plenty of great carpet cleaning products available on the market today, ranging from heavy-duty stain removing solutions to enzymatic “bio” cleaners that are a more natural choice. Unfortunately, cleaning products often also contain chemicals that are hazardous when improperly used. If you err more on the side of caution when it comes to chemicals in the home, it may [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Natural Stone Floor Cleaning

There’s no denying the positive aspects of natural stone floors in the home. Ranging from elegant to rustic and natural, natural stone floors don’t typically pose many problems in the aesthetics department. When it comes to keeping them squeaky clean, however, there are some do’s and don’ts that apply specifically to natural stone floors you should be aware of. Mind Your [...]

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Mould vs Mildew: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between mould and mildew? The short answer is that they’re basically the same. They’re both potentially hazardous for your health, they’re both types of fungal spores that grow in moist environments and on walls, furniture, etc. The longer answer is that there are noticeable differences between mould and mildew. This matters most when it comes to taking action [...]

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5 Great Odour Killing Tips for Carpets

A foul odour coming from your carpet is sure to turn away guests and to make your home an unwelcoming place instead of a comfortable refuge from the daily grind. If you can’t recall a stain or a spill from six months ago, don’t worry, your carpet will remind you with an unpleasant smell. How can one remove bad odours from [...]

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5 Signs Your Carpet Needs to be Replaced

Plenty of routine vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning can keep most carpets in top shape for many years, but there are times when all the cleaning just won’t do. Here are five signs that your carpet will need to be replaced: Foul Odours If you’ve got pets that have eliminated on the carpet or have experienced spills that haven’t been cleaned [...]

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